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Report type

An act of receiving a compensation from interested parties

Money, treat and hospitality, convenience offer, borrowing, debt redemption, indemnification, cash loan, assurance for the future

Involve in the unfair share to trading partners

Accepting stock and investment, public investment and taking joint property

A lack of the transparency of selection of the subcontractors

Grant of unfair opportunity, unfair transaction, Leakage of the subcontractor’s information

Improper use of company’s property

Separate use of materiality and immateriality property, embezzle the public money

Manipulation of document/coefficient and false report

Accounting fraud, fabrication of the information

Adjustment of grievance counseling

Work or personal adjustment of grievance, unfair treatment

The others

Neglect of duty, negligence of management, arrogation, and injury to dignity

Protection of the informer

When it comes to the informer, we will never disclose his or her status and any information which can be available to imply without that person’s permission, and we will take all responsibilities against any disadvantages came from not following it.

Report process

In case the informer reports it to the name of his or her and request the result feedback explicitly, we are willing to provide the feedback except for that if it infringe on our company’s just right and interest.

Reception of the report

Mail Acceptance : Ethics Office, DERKWOO ELELCTRONICS(inc.) #185-26, Cheomdangieop-Ro, Sandong-Myeon, Gumi-City, Gyung-Buk, Korea

Report Phone : 054)474-9661~4

E-mail :


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