R&D Center

R&D center in Derkwoo was established to secure new growth power items and to support technical service for development of exterior material using press and new parts/materials in 2011.
In addition, with the establishment of the Central Research Institute in 2020, technical support and R&D functions were expanded,
We are contributing to securing core technology of Derkwoo Electronics.

During that time, we had excellent research manpower and carried out a lot of R&D project with outside R&D institute. On the basis of R&D activities, we secured a lot of patents and various R&D results. Even now, we are going to develop national R&D project, R&D project for local characterization and R&D project for industry-academic cooperation. In future, we will make efforts day and night to advance level of technology and meet customer’s request.

Promotion of Fusion Technology
(Core Technology)

Ⅰ. Development of core process to manufacture high functional electronic product

Ⅱ. Development and evaluation of core material to manufacture high efficient electronic product

Ⅲ. Verification of mass production and secure evaluation system to adapt new concept and product through design and manufacturing

Ⅳ. Development total solution for new electronic product through parts manufacturing from material to process and securing ass’y technology

Contents of development

Develop TV back cover’s material
and process technology

Development of TV Back Cover material
(High bending stiffness at thin thickness, flatness, low weight, low price)

Development of process technology for the large-scaled TV back cover ass’y

Development of the precise
etching chemical

Development of the precise etching chemical for super micro Pitch (below 25㎛) COF (Chip On Film) & FPCB

Development of the process technology through application test of the chemical

Surface treatment process &
Development of new material and

Development of the process technology for surface treatment (Electroplating, Electroless plating, confusing, anodizing)

Evaluation test for application of the electronic parts (Mobile)

Evaluation of a property of matter for metal and new material

New product development &
optimization based on

Simulation researches for various physics phenomenon
(Electromagnetism, Heat and Flow, Structural mechanics, etc.)

Establishing of process condition and applying product design based on simulations

Product design and process parameter optimization based on simulations

Application example


R&D Center