Quality System

Quality System

Customer Satisfaction based on best quality!
Derkwoo’s quality assurance team is currently taking the leading role in establishing a corporate quality management system to make
Derkwoo a global IT component company. In addition, the quality assurance team is also pursuing quality innovation to provide best quality and service to customers.

Fulfil Customer’s satisfaction with the best quality

We are focusing our capability on fulfilling our customer’s satisfaction by setting up the quality management system and by seeking the quality innovation.

Major activity on Quality

Quality Management System

ISO 9001 Certification

Quality improvement activity in line with corporate quality policy

Quality protection activity

Prior acquisition of high quality on new products/models

On-site quality management

Spreading of corporate quality policy

Establishment of best internal quality control system

Vision inspection facility in production process

Self-establishment of 3-Dimensional detector facility

Quality leveling-up activities

Process quality index management

Linking with improvement activity and horizontal deployment within company

Customer satisfaction based on quality Management System

Quality management system model based on process


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