Escalate customer’s value with the best management,
Gain trust through social contribution,
Derkwoo Electronics will come true All of these things.

Derkwoo Electronics’ CEO
Lee Jun Yong

We sincerely express our gratitude for visiting our website.

Through customer value creation, creative corporate culture through active communication, and social contribution activities, Derkwoo Electronics is starting in TV component parts field and has grown into a specialized component company with core source technologies in the mobile and automobile fields.
In addition, the importance of material part is increasing as the speed of change in products has increased recently,
so Derkwoo Electronics is doing our best to provide differentiated value to customers.

Meanwhile, investments in bio, semiconductor MEMS Sensor, and Power Supply Unit are expanding our business areas and entering a second start-up period for sustainable growth.

Derkwoo Electronics complies with laws and customer requirements in a rapidly changing market environment,
actively reflects Consensus among interested parties such as customers, stock holders, and partners as well as executives and employees and continues to improve.

Through these improvements, we will do our best to comply with the Code of Ethics internally,
comply with customer satisfaction and nvironmental and social responsibility externally,
and grow into a dependable company, and a growing ‘Great Company’.

We ask for your continued support and warm attention for Derkwoo Electronics’ powerful steps to achieve
‘Great Company!’

Thank you.


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