Share Love News

Share Love News

A happy action!
We directly practice sharing our love.

Derkwoo electronics’ share is
the love together with us.

We have been giving a charity by purchasing items and by delivering briquettes / heating fuel in the winter for a neglected class of people in this neighborhood, orphanage, lower-income teenager, senior citizen who lives alone.

Happy action!
We will become a Derkwoo electronics which practice sharing love at all times.

Philosophy of sharing love

Social contribution activities of love sharing, which has been continued continuously from the beginning of
the establishment has been practiced for aimed at senior citizens who lives alone not to mention teenagers and children who are hope in future.

Social contribution activities of Derkwoo Electronics is directly lead by our executives and staffs thorough a diversified programs, we are sharing the life values living together with each other.

We also about to blaze the way for creating the future values of everyone and for actualizing growth with distribution in a community.

Now, advance one more step, we will make an every effort to become the leader of hope and the leader of sharing opening the better tomorrow in advance even if we are in hard period.

Love sharing activities

Promoting employees creating new value is one of the big values of Derkwoo Electronics.
We aim at core value through capacity evaluations such as Job competence / Expertise / Leadership and
performance evaluations by each individual / team / division and we support our employee’s motivation and performance compensation.

2 Donation of School development fund for Gumi Song-Je… Derkwoo 2017.06.22
1 Donated the school development fund to Chunsung Juni… Derkwoo 2016.09.27

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