Model Employee


Model employee of Derkwoo Electronic

On the basis of continuous innovation and creation,
Derkwoo fulfilling new possibility has been hiring new employees without discrimination

Humans are valuable beings because they are energetic, vital, intelligent and have righteous minds.
“An organization is a human and also a human is an organization” In order to put its “Employee first” policy into practice,
Derkwoo has proclaimed free mind, creative action and challenging spirit as what the three aspects model employee should
always have and is always devoting itself to foster employees according to the three aspects.


Flexible minds People with flexible and open
minds who can always find new
challenges and discover ways to
improve problems.


Challenging attitude People who do not fear failures
and changes in environment,
take a leading role in changing
the old-fashioned way and
never give up on anything.


Creative behavior People who can create and
always have will to share new
values to other colleagues.


Professional ability People with professional ability
and knowledge who are making
an effort to be a specialist with
having a pride in his or her field.

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