Ethical management

Ethics charter


we take the lead in a sound company culture formation.

On the basis of honesty and trust, we will take the lead in a sound company culture formation which faithful to basic and principle by conforming to its ethics regulation and carrying out all sorts’ regulation.


we fulfill the customer impression and confidence.

We set a high value on customer and trust and fulfill the customer impression and secure customer’s confidence by offering the service that can create customer value.


we set importance on executives and staff members’ rewarding.

On the basis of mutual trust and respect, we create the fair company culture that executives and staff members’ anticipation about its growth and stability can become a reality.


we pursuit our common interests and development.

In every business and business activities, we will compete with our competitors with a fair method and pursuit our common interests and development by elevating cooperative ties and mutual trust.


we are contributed to the development of our country and society.

By fulfilling nation’s economic order and social norm, we are contributed to the development of our country and society through protection of the environment and establishment of ethical value.

Code of ethics

Ethics about customers


We treat our customers with a belief that being a profit to our customers can also become a benefit to our company.
We always consider everything from our customer’s point of view, and respect our customer’s opinion. We must keep the promise which made between our customers.


We are willing to do our best in order to receive endless love and trust from our customers by offering our best product and service.

Ethics about fair competition


At the time of doing a business and sales activity, we will keep all sorts of laws of the applicable country and the society, respect the social values such as custom and culture of the country.


We do respect our competitors and acquire a priority through fair and unconstrained competition with them. We do not unfairly violate our competitor’s profit and not to utilize their weakness.

Ethics about fair trade


All trade has been carrying out fairly on equal position and has been fairly implementing according to trade terms and procedures.


We do not force our business partner to behave unethically and not exert our influence to them.


On the basis of mutual confidence, we pursue both sides’ common profit and development with all people directly involved.

Ethics about stockholder and investor


In order to maintain trust relationship between stockholders, all our company’s material has been written according to a sort of laws and then has been posted.


Our executives and staffs does not pursue the personal profit with internal information of all our company’.

Ethics about our executives and staffs


We respect each of our executives and staffs’ dignity for personality.


We do not put discrimination on academic clique, region, gender and we fairly make a compensation by setting up criteria about attribute, ability, achievement.


We do our best in creating a work condition that our executives and staffs are able to prove their creativity and ability. We actively support in promoting creative people.


We are equipped with a system that our executives and staffs can freely make a proposition and express their difficulties.

Basic ethics of our executive and staffs


Our executives and staffs must certainly acknowledge their ascribed authority and responsibility, and also implement their duty with fair method. In addition, they are required to memorize a sort of social regulations related to their duty and to comply with our company’s regulation.


Our executives and staffs must not reveal any information related to our company which learned in the middle of implementing their duty. And they must not misuse or embezzle company’s asset.


Our executives and staffs must make a greater effort for fear that any contradicted action and relationship should be occurred. In the event that interest between company and individual or department contradict each other, they must put priority on thinking our company’s benefit.


Our executives and staffs must respect each other and use elegant language not to mention behave politely. At the same time, they should pursue coexistence and prosperity with smooth communication and beloved mind between labor and management.

Ethics about country and society


We have contributed to the development of our country by creating job opportunities and by making a sincere payment of taxation and we have contributed to our society through culture and welfare business.


We always comply with a sort of regulations related to environment protection and acquire manpower and facility for protection of environment contamination.

Supplementary provision

1. This rule of ethics is established and enforced as of First, September, 2014.

2. This rule of ethics is revised and enforced as of 28th, September, 2016.


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