Introduction about CI

Symbol mark is the most important factor which can be representative of Derkwoo Electronics,
and it can be utilized as integration of our company’s image and can be used for right communication between customers.
In any cases, this word mark must not be used with changed shape.


D and W combined as one is expressed in a sense of that all of members at this company will go forward with one heart and mind and of a strong will that we will be a leading company in the field and of a close bond between Derkwoo and Customer Company.

Overall, Derkwoo Electronics’ combined initial D and W is designed as an expansive shape ascending to up and it is also differently designed to express Derkwoo’s identity as future’s cutting-edge company in the field of the supreme precision press.

‘Blue’ used as main color expresses trust, professionalism, cutting edge, ‘Sky Blue’ symbolically expresses dream, passion, and future.


Together with our symbol mark, Logo type is one of the important factors in Derkwoo’s C.I.S (Corporate Identity System) and it has a function to deliver Derkwoo’s image specifically through Derkwoo’s name. Logo type is designed with new-fashioned sense after taking unity and combine into consideration with word mark.



Owing to the fact that signature is designed to be able to systematically combine and shape the visual image by effectively mixing between symbol mark and logo type, word’s shape, thickness, proportion, space between letters can’t be changed at discretion.



Color for private use is one of three factors shaping Derkwoo electronics’ identity as well as symbol mark and logotype and the suited color expression to various media of on-off line should be used in accordance with a guide line of the color regulation in this clause.


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