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Precision & Chemistry

Owing to the fact that OLED is the product which has a thin and light feature, it is possible to design freely and to express the highest definition even in various forms. We can create our customer’s value with world-class quality and state-of-the-art technology.

TV trim’s finishing materials, Middle Cabinet, is the main product and our company is equipped with Press, NC process, Banding, Laser Welding, Process treatment.

TV main component


Key Technology
  • PRESS & NC Process - Back Cover & Middle Cabinet figuration
    - Middle Cabinet NC Process
  • Bending & Laser welding - ‘ㄷ’ shaped form materialization
    by using Bending facility
    - Integrate Top & Bottom(Laser welding)
  • Surface treatment - Nickel-Chrome plating by large automatic line
    - The biggest scale in Korea (85” available)
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