Derkwoo Electronics



Derkwoo Electronics which has been leading the changes of future automotive industry and considering customer’s safety and happiness at first is mainly manufacturing ABS-MOTOR, EPS MOTOR, BMS and it is equipped with press, Injection, automated assembling system itself.

Derkwoo Electronics is making an effort to secure the individual technology of hybrid cars’ main components by concentrating our capability on securing the electronic technology which are required for future automobiles.
On the basis of these, We will lead the 21 century’s global automobile components industry by entering the global ‘Top Tier’ in automobile components industry.

Main components of automobile


Key Technology
  • PRESS - Terminal, Steel-Cover, Brush-Holder and so on
    - Design → assembling & Try,
    Possess technologies for ourselves
  • INJECTION (Insert) - Terminal & Resign (PA66 & PBT GF30%)
    - Possess a lot of Insert_Injection_M/C (Vertical)
  • ASM (AUTO_LINE) - Fully automatic Auto-ASM-Line System operation
    - Pool Proof-System → Prevention of faulty and leakage
    - Vision inspection/Data save/management
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