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Camera module is designed by super-slim design and super small size and it is main technology of smartphones. Due to the fact that it fulfills electrical goods’ miniaturization, ‘Thin Type’ as well as competitive price, this camera module is getting the limelight as a main component.

Mobile division has been producing small-scale enclosures, the work is typically operated by press facility of between 60Ton ~ 200Ton and insert injection, seal, buffing, and laser welding according to the product.

Core component of mobile business


Key Technology
    PRESS - Mass production
    - Technology for process of a thin plate
    - Various shape modification
  • Deep Drawing
    Deep Drawing - Weight lightening of components
    - Process scaling down
    - Mass production
    WELDING - Laser welding which has a margin of error of 0.01 level
    - 100% faulty detection with vision facility
    - Real time monitoring
    VISION INSPECTION - 100% automatic inspection of CTQ dimension
    - Fool Proof
    - Automation line of inspection & packing
    - Operating Clean Room
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