Derkwoo Electronics



Escalate customer’s value with the best management,
Gain trust through social contribution,
Derkwoo Electronics will come true All of these things.

Derkwoo Electronics’ CEO, Lee Jun Yong
We sincerely express our gratitude for visiting our website.

In this fast changing business environment, Derkwoo Electronics is now starting the new voyage for the sake of creating a customer’s value.
We are also making a creative company culture through active communication.

Derkwoo Electronics is making an effort to escalate its reliability thorough a consensus which made by between the interested parties such as customer, stockholder, cooperate company and executives and staff.

On the other hand, Derkwoo Electrics dedicates its best effort to fulfill principles of Ethics and Social & Environmental responsibility.

Derkwoo Electronics is a specialized company spreading out in the field of mobile, automotive, OLED display and Chemical industry on the basis of its original technology.

The importance about component’s material is getting bigger as the change speed of the recent product is faster.
Derkwoo Electronics is willing to do our best in order to offer customers a differentiated service with a belief which component material can determine product’s value.

We ask your warm attention and constant support to Derkwoo Electronics’ powerful step.

Thank you.
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